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Beginners Guide to Making Curtains

Making unique curtains for your home using the best curtain fabrics you can find is an excellent idea if you want to stand out from the crowd. While everyone else on your street buys mass-produced curtains from the same retail stores; your family will benefit from having something entirely different. Of course, if you’ve never made curtains before; you’re going to need some tips and advice. While this is only a beginners guide; it should point you in the right direction and ensure you cover all the bases.

Choose the type of curtains you want to make

You have a few different options on the table when it comes to the type of curtains you can make for your home. For windows that get too much light; you will want to consider creating lined curtains. For rooms where the opposite is true; unlined curtains are ideal. Lastly, interlined curtains are the best solution for houses that get cold due to too much air flow through the window frames.

Determine the size by taking accurate measurements

The easiest way to work out the perfect size for your curtains is to take the old ones off the rail and measure them. However, if that is not possible; you can always get a tape measure and work out the size of the window. You should then aim to make sure each curtain is large enough to cover the entire pane of glass.

Purchase the right amount of curtain fabric

Next, you’ll need to check some online retailers like Prestigious Textiles and take a look at the many different types of curtain fabric available. Take your measurements, and place your order. For safety, make sure you buy more fabric than you think you will require. It is better to have material left over at the end than to run out halfway through the process.

Get the right tools for the job

You need the following items if you want to create stunning curtains at home:

  • Curtain fabric
  • A sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Curtain tape
  • Pins

Follow this straightforward process

  • Cut your fabric to the right lengths
  • Fold the top over three-quarters of an inch to create a hem
  • Stick the hem and cut holes for curtain hooks if you plan to use them
  • Repeat the process at the bottom of the material
  • Hang your curtains!

While it is possible to find more in-depth guides to making curtains online, this beginner’s post contains everything you need to know the first time you attempt to achieve that goal. Of course, there is always more to learn, and you might like to add various steps to the process depending on what you hope to achieve. Following the guide on this page will ensure you end up with curtains that suit your interior design and function as expected. If you discover the curtain fabrics you purchased from Prestigious Online Curtain Fabrics or another specialist are too thin; you can always add some lining at a later date. There are other posts on this blog that should help you with that process.

See you back here soon!